Consumers demand and expect to be warned about the dangers of the products they purchase. And rightly so. Blinds can strangle. Batteries can cause devastating injury and death. Cigarettes, dishwashing tablets, potting mix, inflatable pools and hair dryers can all cause harm.

All these products carry bold prominent and clear warnings.

But not in the case of alcohol. This despite the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy being the leading cause of neurology disability in children. Often there is no warning message at all. Messages, when they are present, are often too small to be noticeable, often misleading, and deliberately hidden.


On October 11, Australian and New Zealand Food Ministers will meet to decide if alcohol products should carry a mandatory warning label on the harms caused during pregnancy.

Ahead of the meeting, it is crucial that we send the Ministers a very loud and very clear message that consumers have the right to know if a product is going to cause harm to their unborn child.

Please feel free to use the letter below or redraft as required.

Select your jurisdiction from the drop box below to direct your letter to the Food Minister representing your State or Territory or country of residence.

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