NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance

The NSW ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA) is an alliance of organisations advocating for evidence-based solutions to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harms in NSW and the ACT.



NAAPA Forum: Alcohol Policy in NSW: Where to now?

15 April 2014, NSW Parliament House

The NAAPA Forum focused on three key elements of alcohol policy and regulation; Premier Barry O’Farrell’s January announcement of the alcohol violence initiatives and the legislative changes in Sydney and NSW, the review of the NSW Liquor Act 2007 and opportunities for future reforms in alcohol policy in NSW.

You can listen to the podcast of the event featuring presentations from:

Professor Kate Conigrave, The Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Mr Paul Newson, Executive Director, Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing presenting on implementing new reforms and progress on the NSW Liquor Act 2007

Professor Anthony Shakeshaft, Deputy Director, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre making a response to the NSW Liquor Act 2007 Review

Professor Kyp Kypri, University of Newcastle presenting on the results and implications of the Newcastle Experiment.

Download the podcast.

The forum also included a panel discussion featuring:

Mr Paul Newson, Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing

Professor Kyp Kypri, University of Newcastle

Dr Brett Gardiner, Director of Clinical Governance, St Vincent’s Hospital

Download the podcast of the panel discussion.


NAAPA Community Forum: 24 October 2013

New South Wales community groups and individuals are demanding a greater say in the liquor licensing decisions that impact their local communities.

Their concerns will be voiced at a community forum at Parliament House in Sydney today that will bring together community members, state and local government representatives, police and health professionals to examine the current barriers to community engagement in liquor licensing decisions.

The meeting, to be hosted by the NSW ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA) and the National Local Government Drug and Alcohol Committee, comes as new figures released today reveal an overwhelming majority of NSW adults (76%) believes more needs to be done to reduce alcohol harms, with a majority also indicating the government has failed to adequately address the issue.

NAAPA is also launching an online campaign today that encourages members of the community to write to the Premier, Barry O’Farrell, to demand meaningful action on alcohol harms. To show your support for a safer NSW, click here.

Media release
Download the media release

NSW Annual Alcohol Poll Snapshot
Download the snapshot

Breaking Down the Barriers Report
Download the report

Save Our Streets Campaign
Get involved

Setting  the scene: Using impacts assessments in liquor licensing decisions

Download presentation by Dr Alison Ziller

Breaking down the barriers: Community involvement in liquor licensing decisions in NSW

Download the PowerPoint presentation by FARE

NAAPA’s Submission: 18 September 2013

The NSW ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance (NAAPA) welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Review of the Liquor Act 2007 (the Act) and the Gaming and Liquor Administration Act 2007. This review provides the New South Wales (NSW) Government with an opportunity to reform liquor licensing and prioritise evidence-based policies that are proven to reduce alcohol-related harms.

Media release
18 September 2013
Download the media release

Download the submission

Download the summary

NAAPA launches in the ACT: 1 August 2013

The ACT launch of NAAPA coincided with the release of the paper, Alcohol consumption and harms in the ACT. The document found that just under half (44.5%) of ACT residents aged over 14 consume alcohol at levels that place them at risk of an alcohol-related injury from a single occasion of drinking, while one in five (19.5 per cent) consume at levels that place them at risk of lifetime harm.

Media release
1 August 2013
Download the media release

Download the report


Launch event video

2013 NSW Alcohol Summit: 14 March 2013

The 2013 NSW Alcohol Summit was held on Thursday 14 March at NSW Parliament House with over 180 attendees including health professionals, community representatives, law enforcement officials, researchers, frontline workers, and state politicians.

Media releases

5 July
NAAPA welcomes commencement of liquor ACT review

30 June 2013
Government fails to act on liquor act review
Draft Terms of Reference

14 March 2013
NSW Alcohol Summit – a wakeup call for government

14 March 2013
Past lessons flagged ahead of alcohol summit

Summit report

10 years on: An analysis of the progress made in preventing alcohol-related harms since the 2003 NSW Summit on Alcohol Abuse


2013 NSW Alcohol Summit Communique

Event program

Download the event program & Twitter guide for delegates



NAAPA aims to reduce alcohol-related harms by ensuring that evidence-based solutions inform alcohol policy discussions in NSW and ACT. NAAPA currently has 44 member organisations from a range of fields including health, community, law enforcement, emergency services and research organisations. If you are interested in joining NAAPA email us at naapa@fare.org.au

Policy priorities

The harms that result from alcohol consumption are not limited to Kings Cross in Sydney and Civic in Canberra. They result from drinking at bars, pubs and at home and include a broad range of immediate and long term health conditions, injuries and death.

Effective interventions to reduce alcohol-related harms need to consider the range of harms that result from alcohol consumption, the various patterns of drinking and the environment in which alcohol is consumed. Policies also need to consider the impacts of both on-licence (bars and clubs), as well as off-licence (retailers and take-away outlets) premises.

The ways that alcohol is sold, promoted and made available all contribute to the way that alcohol is consumed and the associated harms. Across Australia today alcohol is the most affordable that it has been in over three decades, it is more available than it ever has been and it is more heavily promoted.

NAAPA’s policy priorities are focused on three areas where the NSW and ACT Governments can have the greatest influence in reducing alcohol-related harms. These are:

  1. Alcohol availability;
  2. Alcohol pricing and promotion; and
  3. Community engagement.

Founding members

The following organisations are founding members of NAAPA:

  1. Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
  2. Network of Alcohol and Drug Agencies
  3. Darlinghurst Resident Action Group
  4. Newcastle Community Drug Action Team
  5. Police Association of NSW
  6. Australian Medical Association NSW
  7. The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
  8. Public Health Association NSW Branch
  9. Cancer Council NSW
  10. National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
  11. Centre for Health Initiatives, University of Wollongong
  12. Hello Sunday Morning
  13. Australasian College of Emergency Medicine
  14. Jewish House Limited
  15. Inspire Foundation
  16. The Asia Pacific Centre for Crime Prevention Griffith University (Sydney)
  17. University of Newcastle
  18. Ulladulla Community Drug Action Team
  19. Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia
  20. Bondi Residents Association
  21. Ted Noffs Foundation (NSW)
  22. St Vincent’s Hospital
  23. Australian Drug Foundation
  24. Health Services Union
  25. Pedestrian Council of Australia
  26. The Salvation Army NSW
  27. Awabakal Newcastle Aboriginal Co Operative Ltd
  28. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  29. Byron Bay Youth Service
  30. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
  31. NSW Nurses and Midwives Association
  32. 2011 Residents Association
  33. Karralika Programs Inc.
  34. Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Association ACT
  35. Ted Noffs Foundation (ACT)
  36. Canberra Recovery Service, Salvation Army
  37. Public Health Association of Australia ACT Branch
  38. Bondi Beach Precinct
  39. Cancer Council ACT
  40. Australian Medical Association ACT
  41. Directions ACT
  42. Last Drinks at 12
  43. CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn
  44. Mental Health Association of NSW

Summer harms

Alcohol harms in NSW: What to expect this summer


NAAPA Policy Priorities


NAAPA Background Information


What’s the story?

We’ve prepared an overview of the Summit, and will continue to update this as events unfold.

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