Broome Aboriginal Media Association Aboriginal Corporation

The Broome Gurrie Youth Gathering

Commenced: 1 September 2005 Concluded: 31 May 2009


Broome Aboriginal Media Association (BAMA) is an Indigenous owned not-for-profit organisation. Goolarri Media, a holding company of BAMA, facilitates and manages the development of Indigenous media, communications, and music in the Broome region. In 2005, BAMA received funding from the Foundation to plan and implement the Gurrie Youth Gathering (GYG). The main aim of this project was to address alcohol misuse among Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth aged 13 to 17 years in the region, via a youth designed and delivered media campaign. Goolarri Media engaged youth in formulating culturally appropriate media messages and imagery relating to alcohol misuse.


One hundred students, ten project staff, seven media technicians, and ten facilitators were responsible for the development and delivery of the poster, radio, and television campaigns. More than five hundred teenagers attended the Big GYG in Broome. The major goal of the day was to obtain information from participants about their experiences with alcohol; their fears and concerns, usage rates and locations, as well as the influence of peer pressure and health concerns. As a result of these youth driven activities, BAMA and Goolarri were able to develop a media strategy for delivering alcohol education messages to young Indigenous people through radio, television, and new media. The media developed were culturally recognisable with content utilising local, relevant, and relatable people, places, symbols, and language.