Our History

Established in 2001 by the Australian Parliament with a $115 million grant, the Foundation was set up to distribute funding for programs and research that aimed to prevent the harms caused by alcohol and licit substance misuse.

The initial funding for the organisation came from the additional excise charged on draught beer, which was later refused passage through the Senate. Within the one year that the Government collected the excise, $120 million had been accumulated.

After ten years of supporting communities, contributing to building evidence, and encouraging action to prevent alcohol-related harms, the Foundation recognises that we have come a long way in highlighting the immense impact that alcohol misuse has on too many Australians every year.

Our national funding rounds have provided support to over 750 organisations around the country in the areas of:

  • research
  • public education and prevention campaigns
  • community partnerships
  • training and mentoring
  • organisational capacity enhancement
  • capital improvements and refurbishments
  • treatment and rehabilitation programs and services
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