About Us

FARE is an independent charitable organisation working to prevent the harmful use of alcohol in Australia.

Our mission is to help Australia change the way it drinks by:

  • Helping communities to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harms
  • Building the case for alcohol policy reform
  • Engaging Australians in conversations about our drinking culture

Over the last 10 years we have invested more than $115 million, helped 750 organisations and funded over 1,400 projects tackling the harms caused by alcohol misuse.

We use population-based policy approaches to support change across Australia. We carefully invest our donated resources into leading research, community projects, and policy development to drive this change.

We raise funds to build the knowledge base about alcohol, to better understand what strategies are most effective in promoting safer drinking habits, and to support Australian communities.

We are guided by the World Health Organisation’s global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol for tackling alcohol-related harms through population-based strategies, problem directed policies, and direct interventions.

Our strategic focus

Policy and advocacy – Pursue public policy reforms that will prevent the harms caused by alcohol misuse.

Research and development – Support research that contributes to the evidence-base on alcohol misuse and supports the Foundation’s public policy objectives.

Community education and engagement – Educate and engage the Australian community about alcohol, its use and its harms.

Helping communities – Directly support Australian communities by providing resources to respond to alcohol-related harm.

Economic sustainability – Manage the Foundation’s resources in an economically efficient and sustainable manner.

Over the period 2011-2014 we will continue to help everyday Australians better understand the health, social, and economic impacts of this issue, and strive for alcohol policy reform at a national level.

After ten years of supporting communities, contributing to the evidence base, and encouraging action to prevent alcohol-related harms, we recognise that we have come a long way in highlighting the immense impact that alcohol misuse has on too many Australians every year.

Our strategic plan outlines a comprehensive set of strategies and actions that illustrate how we will achieve our objectives.

Funding structure

The Foundation has set up two investment funds, a program fund that provides funding to support our work in supporting communities and strategic policy areas, and a capital fund to support our annual operational costs.  Our investment income supports the Foundation’s annual operational costs.

100 percent of all funds provided to the Foundation via corporate partnerships, donations and bequests are paid into the program fund to support our work in supporting communities and strategic policies areas. None of these funds are spent on operational or fundraising activities.

The Foundation is a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia (FIA). As members we adhere to the Principles and Standards of Fundraising Practice, the charity code of conduct that guides ethical, and accountable and transparent fundraising. The principles and standards are critical to how the fundraising profession is viewed by donors, government, the wider community and fundraisers.

We also adhere to legislation concerning our appeals, community fundraising, and face-to-face fundraising.

  • The Privacy Act 1988
  • Charitable Fundraising Act (and the relevant Charitable and Collections Acts in QLD, WA, SA, the NT, the ACT and VIC)
  • Trade Practices Act
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)